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Are you building a life you love to live in?

Helping others discover joy in their own lives is what I am passionate about

Systems are my jam. I have built a life I love to live in, both in my home and work life. It is because of the systems I create and utilize each day. Helping others discover joy in their own lives is what I’m passionate about. Thank you for joining me here to learn more about how to discover joy more abundantly in the in your life and those you serve, regardless of the current circumstances.

It was during my life’s most challenging circumstances, walking a medical journey beside my daughter Mattea, that I realized how valuable these practices could be. Since 2010 I have walked alongside others facing similar struggles through Mattea’s Joy, and I want to expand that work to teach others the tools that I know can allow them to find joy, even when things don’t go the way they planned.


Connection. I have designed workshops that are unlike any you have attended before, that will leave participants refreshed and connected. I would love to lead a collaborative session in your organization or the community that you serve.
  • Caregiver support
  • Discover joy. workshops
  • Team collaboration
  • Executive retreat


Joy isn’t just saved for the peaks in life, it is also found in the valleys. You can do hard things is a phrase that rings with truth to me, but it comes with some footnotes that I have found can assist in the navigation of life’s challenges. I love to share my experiences and discoveries so that others can curate more joy in their journey.
  • “you can do hard things”: how to use the footnotes
  • joy muscles and how to build them
  • choosing joy and why it’s a choice
  • discovering joy after loss


Partner with me individually or as a part of group coaching as we explore a curriculum designed to teach you about your thought habits and unlock more joy in your work and life.
Take a free assessment (it takes about 15 minutes) that measures your thought habits.


Discover joy. collaborations

I invite you to partner with me to work together to curate ongoing, unique opportunities for those you serve or work beside to experience more joy in the everyday and particularly during challenging circumstances.

Is it too cliche to say that Jamie's Discover joy. event was PURE JOY? I don't care. I'm saying it anyhow. At a time when people are emotionally and spiritually depleted, Jamie created a space that was filled with authentic connection and meaning. I left feeling refreshed and renewed

Amy KempOwner/CEO Amy Kemp, Inc.

If you're looking for an event that makes you feel, creates connection with others, and illuminates for you what's possible for your life, check out the Joy in the Journey event. The way that Jamie invites joy in her life daily is inspiring, and she teaches you how to do that for yourself. Jamie has so much to offer you! She's amazing!!

Mandy Benoit

A million books would not be enough to compare to today.

Mandi Kendall

Today challenged me to move from, “How do I balance all my commitments so I can survive?” to “How can I pursue activities that will actually help me THRIVE?”

Mariah Vail

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